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Corporate culture
Respect: Respect each other really, and care for well being, safety and life of everyone.
Discuss with each other and listen to questions and doubts with patience, ready to listen to different ideas and useful opinions.
Credibility: Integrity and trustworthiness are the fundamental principles of the company. The company requires all its staff to work carefully and live transparently. Keep commitments. Promise must be kept and action must be fruitful!
Responsibility:Finish every piece of work with expertise, and be bold to reliable for your own conducts, i.e. something you should do. Neither cover up the truth, even of trivial matters, for your own mistakes nor conceal the bad habits or omissions of your colleagues, i. e. something you should not do.
Excellence: Strive for the pursuit of win-win outcome, and provide our clients with products and services of innovation; Complete tasks efficiently, and achieve personal goals; Strive to be the pioneer in new products and new technologies. Get ready for summary, and help new comers blend.




Company Philosophy


Safety Concept:Safety always comes first!
Corporate culture:Respect Credibility Responsibility Excellence!!
Company Mission:Meet the demands of clients, and create both opportunities for our staff and wealth for the society!
Company Vision:Specialize in intelligent manufacturing, and create a relaxing and pleasant working environment!
Company Spirit: Nothing is unchangeable. Anything is possible. Never give up till goals are achieved.
Quality Policy:Make perfect quality with heart, and do every piece of work well with the patience to nurture a baby!
Service Idea:Junyi moves our clients with care; pursues for win-wins, and offers products and services beyond expectations!


Basic Maxim





To abide by laws and disciplines

●To obey laws and regulations

●To observe social morality

●To be a citizen of conscience





●To love colleagues


●Responsible for company

●Responsible for team

●Responsible for family


●Right-minded and trustworthy

●No gossiping

To attach importance to learning:

●To improve the attainment

●Bold to assume responsibility

●Demanding on excellence


●Endeavor is the mother of opportunity;

●Doing by heart makes perfect;

●Efforts will pay off.


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